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Skooppa's secret weapon: making coders rich !!

Discussion in 'Platform Concepts' started by Digital Doctor, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. Attention php coders ... It's almost time to make big money on the $kooppa train.

    The tragedy of making addons for forums like Xenforo is most people who use it will never pay for it. After someone submits their addon after months of hard work (valued at $30/pop) to Xenforo.com ... a free warez version of it pops up usually just a few days later. Ug. How defeating ! To top it off ... Xenforo community members just reside the situation to the status quo and perpetually say "Warez is inevitable". Of course, the members are the ones using the free warez addons. Xenforo.com doesn't have a solution to reduce warez either. What good programmer is going to waste so much investment for so little return ? Not many. Altruism addon coding is dead ... and that is a good thing. NOT to mention Xenforo.com doesn't even make purchasing addons easy (for the few that do) with an integrated Marketplace like IPB does and this is yet another barrier between people who want addons and the people paid to make them. This addon warez quagmire has gone on ... with virtually no improvement for at least a decade. The worst thing of all .. is that situation will likely NEVER be resolved as the people who would benefit the most from improving the situation are the addon coders, and their numbers are few. Small numbers, small voice, no change.

    Skooppa to the rescue

    So why is Skooppa developer friendly ? The centralized nature of Skooppa could all but eliminate addon warez. More paying customers = More money for developers. Happy developers = More addons = Happy Skooppa customers = Happy Skooppa. Done and Done.

    I won't even get into the fact that coders will make EVEN more money on custom coding :)

    Note: these are entirely my ideas and do not reflect the opinions of Skooppa Inc. :)
  2. s.molinari

    s.molinari Uber Dreamer Staff Member Adreamistrator

    Thanks for the "hype", especially on TAZ.:)

    However, making coders rich isn't our goal really. Giving professional developers a means to make money successfully with little inconvenience will be. For a person to get rich takes a lot of other factors, which we can't and won't promise. I am sure you understand.

    I am also really glad you understand the principles of Skooppa, Doc. The more people we get understanding, the better off we are for the future. ;)

  3. Here's a link to the thread where the Xenforo employee says Xenforo addon warez is inevitable.
    I agree with him.
    Xenforo's structure has no method of preventing a coder's hard work from being warez'd.

    Hopefully Skooppa attracts a new generation of coders / customizers that can feel secure that their hard work won't be stolen.
  4. s.molinari

    s.molinari Uber Dreamer Staff Member Adreamistrator

    Yes, Skooppa inherently, as a PaaS/ SaaS model, will be able to protect the work of 3rd party dev's much better than any boxed software can. It isn't just XenForo that has this intrinsic issue, it is an issue with all boxed software.

    For the near future, I'd like to avoid pointing out any one possible competitor for lacking anything. We aren't in a position at all to do this. Once we get a valid product on the market, then we can start making comparisons. I hope you understand and I do appreciate your effort. It is just not yet the right time.:)

  5. Fair pay for fair work => Happy 3rd party devs => word of mouth => more devs => better development => happy Skooppa customers => happy Skooppa.
  6. s.molinari

    s.molinari Uber Dreamer Staff Member Adreamistrator

    That is the plan. :)

  7. Wow. Over 2 years ago I posted that.
    Seems much less than that ! :)
  8. s.molinari

    s.molinari Uber Dreamer Staff Member Adreamistrator

    Yeah. Time flies. Especially when you are going down wrong roads. But, those days are hopefully over. :)

  9. Matbret

    Matbret New Member

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